From Feline to Pikachu: The Tale of a Cute Cat Battling Illness with Style

One day, a cute little cat accidentally turned yellow. The cat’s owner noticed that he had developed a fungal infection and wanted to find a cure for him. Remembering her mother’s suggestion to use turmeric, an Indian spice with medicinal properties known to treat infections, she decided to try applying turmeric to the affected area of the cat.

Supamas shared with Bored Panda the tale of her feline companion, Ka-Pwong, who had been suffering from ringworm. Even after trying various treatments, nothing seemed to work. Then, her mother suggested using turmeric. Initially, Supamas applied it only to the affected area, but upon seeing the remaining turmeric, she decided to apply it all over the cat’s body to prevent future fungal infections.

Out of nowhere, the fur of the cat transformed into a vibrant shade of yellow. Despite the cat’s efforts to groom itself, the color stubbornly persisted and refused to fade away.

Do you see any resemblance between the cat and a Pikachu-cat?

As per the owner, their cat might not be aware of its yellow fur. Nonetheless, the feline remains lively and continues to indulge in its usual eating habits.

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