Joy in the Winter Wonderland: Selena Gomez Reunites with Friends Post-Mental Health Treatment

Selena Gomez had been admitted to a mental health facility in September after suffering from an emotional breakdown. Since then, she has kept a low profile but is now out of the hospital and looking happy and healthy. Recently, friends Connor Franklin and Bailee Madison posted pictures of their ski-tubing trip to Big Bear, California which is about 95 miles away from Los Angeles. Sources say that Selena is feeling much better and is eager to return to her regular life.

After taking a short break, Selena Gomez, the popular singer, has finally made her return. Recently, she was spotted on a snowy outing with her buddies Connor Franklin and Baillee Madison. This marks the first time that photos of the star have surfaced since her hospitalization in October. Selena looked stunning as she donned an all-black ensemble while having a blast sledding down the hill with her pals. The 26-year-old celebrity looked fresh and at ease in a long black jacket, black knit beanie, black sweatshirt, and puffy black boots while basking in the sun and snow. In one particular photo, Selena can be seen standing on the right side of her three friends at the bottom of a ski-tube run with a big smile on her face, radiating pure joy.

Selena appears to be brimming with joy and vitality in a photo where she can be seen gleefully shouting alongside three of her pals. Additionally, another delightful snap displays Selena and Connar teasing each other playfully. The group snapshot portrays almost everyone with their hands up in the air, while some are clutching onto a tube. Selena has candidly talked about her battle with depression and took the initiative to admit herself to a mental health institution in October following two health scares. As per insiders, she is feeling a lot better now and looking forward to resuming her normal life. In early October, Selena was hospitalized twice due to a low white blood cell count, which often results as a side effect for people who undergo a kidney transplant similar to her.

The photo captured the group’s excitement as they smiled for the camera after completing a tube run. Selena Gomez faced a challenging health journey in 2017 when she underwent a kidney transplant due to Lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects healthy tissues. She has been open about her struggles with depression and anxiety, which were compounded by her health issues. In addition to undergoing chemotherapy in 2015, Selena also had to check into a treatment center after her second hospitalization. Lupus can cause a range of symptoms, including joint pain, blood disorders, and damage to vital organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys – which was the case for Selena.

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