“Miley Cyrus Flaunts Toned Body in Unconventional Gym Setting: Disneyland!”

In recent months, Miley Cyrus has been working out obsessively to maintain her slender physique. Her dedication has paid off as she proudly showed off her toned stomach during a day out at Disneyland. The 19-year-old casually displayed her washboard abs while waiting in line for a ride at the California resort.

Belly impressive: Miley Cyrus showed off her toned tum in Disneyland today

Miley Cyrus showcased her toned stomach at Disneyland today, and it’s clear she enjoys the attention her bare tummy attracts. She deliberately wore a high-cut T-shirt that showed it off in all its glory. The star looked fabulous in the top, which she twinned with tight-fitting purple corduroy jeans. She was also attempting to gain some hipster cool points by wearing a trendy pair of round sunglasses.

Is that Liam? No doubt she was checking for messages from her beau Hemsworth

“Is that Liam?” She was probably checking for messages from her beau Hemsworth.

Its working out: Miley's exercise regime certainly seems to be bearing fruit

Its working out: Miley's exercise regime certainly seems to be bearing fruit

Looks like Miley’s exercise routine is paying off! Her efforts are definitely yielding results.

Washboard: Parkgoers would have been equally envious and impressed by her abs

Parkgoers would have been equally impressed and envious of Hannah Montana star, who seemed to be enjoying her return to her Disney roots for a day out with friends. She appeared thrilled as she experienced one of the park’s trademark thrill rides. No doubt, a day off relaxing was just what the singer needed. Recently, she has attracted attention after undergoing a body transformation, shedding a lot of weight through her gluten-free diet and love of pilates classes.

Nailbiting: Perhaps the singer was having second thoughts about queuing

Nailbiting: Maybe the vocalist was reconsidering lining up.

Hold on: Miley had a screaming good time on the ride

Wait a moment, it’s been reported that Miley Cyrus had an extremely enjoyable experience on the ride, possibly even screaming with excitement.

A thrilling ride: Miley was all smiles as she got ready for her adrenaline rush

An exciting experience: Miley was grinning from ear to ear as she prepared for her thrilling adventure, bracing herself for an adrenaline rush.

Taking a breath: Miley and her pal went on a tamer ride after

Relaxing Moment: Miley and her friend took a leisurely ride after taking a break.

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