‘Miley’s Misadventures: Confessions of a Party-loving Tourist’ – Pop Star Dishes on Backstage Antics and Pre-Show Revelry in Sydney

During her performance at the Sydney Allphones Arena on Friday night, Miley Cyrus let the audience in on some of the wild experiences she’s been having while on tour. The 21-year-old pop star, known for her provocative stage shows, confessed that she has kissed many of the people who are currently touring with her on the Bangerz tour. This revelation came amidst her usual antics of gyrating on stage and twerking, often on top of giant prop sausages. It seems that what happens on tour with Miley does not necessarily stay on tour.

Shock tactics: Miley Cyrus performing at Sydney's Allphones Arena on Friday night 

Taking the audience by surprise, Miley Cyrus rendered a memorable performance at Sydney’s Allphones Arena last Friday night by using shock tactics.

Making a boob of herself: The 21-year-old laughed as she wore some pretend breasts during the show

Having a laugh at her expense, the 21-year-old sported a pair of fake breasts during the performance.

In the midst of her performance, the renowned singer disclosed: ‘I believe that I’ve smooched every single individual who is part of this tour, except for my drummer as he is wedded.’ As part of her extravagant act, Miley got cozy with some of her dancers on a massive bed. Moreover, she informed her audience that she had been engaging in behind-the-scenes revelry. After spraying water over an enthusiastic crowd, she confessed: ‘I had a minor celebration before the show.’

Money: The rich superstar threw pretend American dollar bills around the stage

Cash was being tossed around the stage by the wealthy celebrity in the form of fake American currency.

Seeing dollar signs: Miley added a gangster element to her performance in a pair of gold dollar sign glasses

Miley Cyrus incorporated a touch of gangster style to her performance by wearing flashy gold glasses with dollar signs. She expressed her enjoyment of her stay in Sydney by saying, “I’ve been having a blast here for a while now…it’s been an amazing time.” She then playfully placed a headband shaped like a penis on her head and joked about getting into more trouble with each passing day. Miley also revealed that she has been indulging in alcohol and tattoos, saying, “The longer I stay here, the more tattoos I get and the drunker I become. I hope you all can keep up with me!”

Going up in smoke: She pulled a number of her trademark facial expressions throughout the gig 

Throughout the performance, she displayed her signature facial expressions, adding to the overall vibe of the show.

Shocker: The controversial star, who has two Australia tour dates left in Adelaide and Perth, also rode a giant hot dog mid-air

Surprising news: The renowned celebrity, who still has two shows left in Adelaide and Perth, amazed the audience by taking a mid-air ride on a massive hotdog. Miley can be seen in the latest pictures getting some cool tattoos on her fingers with her buddy Cheyne Thomas. She announced later that she would miss the giant hot dog the most after finishing her Bangerz tour dates. To the cheering crowd, she added that one can be anyone they want to be and shouldn’t listen to anyone telling them otherwise. Miley came back minutes later to perform her greatest hits, We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball, and concluded the show with a live performance of Party In The USA, which included delightful fireworks.

Party animal: During her wild stage show Miley also told the crowd how she had been partying before coming on stage

Miley Cyrus, the party enthusiast, revealed during her lively performance how she had indulged in some partying prior to hitting the stage.

Crude: The singer put on quite a display for the audience

Rewritten: The performer gave the audience a spectacular show.

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