“My Daughter Shines: Tish Cyrus beaming with happiness as Miley performs in a Cannabis Leotard for a Bold Bangerz Show”

The Bangerz world tour by Miley Cyrus has resulted in a large number of complaints and requests for the show to be cancelled due to the singer’s anticipated controversial performance. Despite this, one mother, Tish Cyrus, was seen beaming with pride as her daughter kicked off the third gig of her 60-date road-show in Anaheim on Thursday. Miley performed another risque show in the Los Angeles suburb’s Honda Center, with Tish smiling throughout as her daughter gyrated and twerked on stage.

On fire: It's been dogged by controversy, but Miley's performance was a hit with fans in Anaheim on Thursday evening

Miley Cyrus’ Anaheim performance on Thursday night was a hit among her fans, despite some controversy surrounding it. Critics have been talking about it, but the show was amazing and well-received by the crowd.

That's my girl: Tish Cyrus is accompanied by heavily tattooed son Trace (R) as she takes in her daughter's latest show

Tish Cyrus was captured on camera attending her daughter’s recent show accompanied by her son Trace, who has an abundance of tattoos. The 20-year-old singer reproduced her previous two performances in Vancouver and Tacoma without any deviation from the meticulously planned routine, despite the show being filled with controversial moments. Miley donned a leotard adorned with marijuana leaves and cowboy boots as part of her performance, during which she raised her middle finger while strutting on a car’s hood. Accompanied by her backup dancers, who sported blonde wigs and gold stage outfits, they mimicked the gesture behind her.

Raunchy: Miley Cyrus takes the stage in Anaheim sporting the obligatory marijuana leaf leotard she sported when the tour launched in Vancouver on February 14

During a recent performance in Anaheim, Miley Cyrus was spotted holding a marijuana leaf, which is not uncommon in these types of events. This happened during the start of her tour in Vancouver on February 14th.

Here comes trouble: The 20-year-old singer delighted fans during the third of 60 planned shows, but her management have reportedly received complaints  regarding its sexually explicit nature

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Here comes trouble: The 20-year-old singer delighted fans during the third of 60 planned shows, but her management have reportedly received complaints  regarding its sexually explicit nature

Uh oh, looks like there’s some commotion going on. The young 20-year-old vocalist delighted her followers in her third concert out of a total of 60 scheduled performances, but word has it that her management has been getting feedback about the sexually suggestive nature of her act.

Don't mind me: Miley sprawls across the car as dollar bills rain down

Miley can be seen lounging on a car while money is being showered over her in the gallery view.

Crazy antics: At one point, Miley was joined on stage by a performer almost twice her height

Photo Collection
Crazy Antics: During the performance, Miley was accompanied on stage by a performer who was nearly twice as tall as her.

Outlandish: Miley's latest performance lived up to her raunchy reputation

Have a peek at the Outlandish’s recent performance gallery. Miley Cyrus lived up to her reputation as a daring and audacious performer, delivering an outstanding show that left everyone awestruck.

Being a bit cheeky: Miley is certainly pushing the enveloping when it comes to her outrageous stage behaviour

Miley Cyrus never fails to shock her audience with her daring stage performances. In her latest show, she performed her signature move of sliding down a giant tongue while being secured with a safety harness. Her family, including her mom Tish, dad Billy Ray, and tattooed brother Trace, watched from the front row. Although the crowd enjoyed the show, there have been complaints about the explicit content of her performances flooding her management team.

Kiss this: Miley flaunts her derriere during Thursday's provocative show

Have a peek at this: On Thursday’s daring performance, Miley flaunted her backside.

One finger salute: The singer makes a rude gesture that appears to be emulated by her troupe of backing dancers

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A gesture with the hand: The singer makes a rude motion that appears to be mimicked by her team of backup performers.

Reach for the sky: Miley is on good form as she performs on Thursday

Check out the exhibition hall

Reach for the sky: Miley is on good form as she performs on Thursday

Check out the photos in the gallery! Miley Cyrus put on an impressive performance in Anaheim on Thursday and she’s definitely on top of her game. With arms raised high, she’s reaching for the sky!

Legs akimbo: The tongue is present and correct as Miley raises a leg

Milley is seen in the gallery view with one leg raised and her tongue visible, displaying correct posture.

Raunchy: Miley performs another provocative routine on a car bonnet during the Anaheim show on Thursday evening

Miley Cyrus caused controversy during her Anaheim show on Thursday by performing a provocative routine on the bonnet of a car. Many parents have complained to her management since the start of her tour in Canada last week, with some calling for the entire tour to be cancelled. Reports suggest that an emergency meeting has been called involving Miley’s team, including management and record label executives, as well as the tour staff, amid concerns that arenas across the US may pull out of hosting the shows. Miley has a reputation for pushing boundaries, but some feel that this latest stunt may have gone too far.

Energetic: The show, comprised of 20 tracks - many of them from latest album Bangerz - involves a series of energetic and highly provocative routines

The Bangerz Tour by Miley Cyrus is a dynamic and engaging show featuring 20 tracks, with most of them from her latest album. The performances are full of energy and provocative routines that are sure to grab your attention. Miley also makes it a point to interact with her audience during the show, making it an even more memorable experience.

Star attraction: Fans flocked to see Miley's third Bangerz show as she continues to tour the US until April when the show moves on to mainland Europe

Miley Cyrus’s US tour for Bangerz is currently underway, and fans are excitedly flocking to attend her third show. However, Miley isn’t just focused on putting on a great performance – she also hopes that her tour will have an educational impact on kids. During a recent interview with MTV, Miley expressed her desire for people to broaden their perspectives and view her tour as an opportunity to learn about art. She believes that many individuals don’t get enough exposure to artistic expression, and hopes that her concerts can help change this. Moreover, Miley wants the audience to participate and engage during intermissions to enhance their experience at the show. Ultimately, Miley’s goal is for her fans to walk away from the concert with unforgettable memories.

All aboard: Miley prepares for a trip down the 'tongue slide'

In the gallery view, we can see Miley preparing herself for a thrilling experience on the famous “tongue slide”.

It's that time again: Miley grabs her crotch after switching outfits during Thursday's California show

Check out the collection of more than 29 pictures in the gallery.

It's that time again: Miley grabs her crotch after switching outfits during Thursday's California show

Once again, we have caught Miley Cyrus in the act of grabbing her crotch while she was changing outfits on Thursday’s show held in California.

Costume change: The leotard is discarded in favour of a racy red number

Switching Outfits: From Leopard to Daring Red
My aim is to educate my fans about the art that stimulates me. My performance is a fusion of the VMAs and unplugged, with the emphasis being on the music.
While it’s exciting for the audience to witness unexpected surprises during my show, my ultimate goal is to ensure that the essence of the music is not lost amidst the theatrics.

Controversial: Miley is no longer the wholesome Disney princess of old

Take a look at the photo gallery. Miley Cyrus has bid farewell to her innocent persona as a Disney princess and is now stirring up commotion.

Supportive: Trace Cyrus (far left), Tish Cyrus (centre) and Billy Ray Cyrus (far right) attend the show

29 people have seen the gallery so far. The show was attended by Trace Cyrus on the left, Tish Cyrus in the middle and Billy Ray Cyrus on the right, who were all very supportive.

Any chance of fries with that? Miley swings from a large hot dog, as you do, during the Bangerz show on Thursday

Hey, do you think it’s possible to make friends while swinging on a giant hot dog? Well, Miley Cyrus did just that during her Bangerz show last Thursday!

Balancing act: Miley holds on as she is swung above the stage

In the Gallery View, we can see Miley pulling off a bold stunt as she gracefully swings above the stage while keeping her balance.

I'm up here: The singer swings high above the audience gathered inside Anaheim's Hona Center

As the crowd inside the Honda Center in Anaheim looks up, they see the singer floating high above them, reaching new heights. This spectacular view is sure to awe and inspire all those in attendance.

A face in the crowd: Billy Ray Cyrus makes his way past camera wielding fans on Thursday evening

On Thursday evening, Billy Ray Cyrus made his way through a group of enthusiastic fans, drawing attention as a prominent figure in the crowd.

Standing out: Billy Ray has a wave for the cameras

Billy Ray stands out from the crowd with his unique camera style. When it comes to taking photos, he has a distinctive approach that sets him apart.

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